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Learn from home!

Leader in Me is still a major focus for PES!  Help your child 'keep up' by checking out this link!



Your Portal Elementary Teachers have been hard at work finding things for your children to do while we are out of school for the Coronavirus.  This page will be updated regularly, but here are a few things you can do to keep those little minds moving!

Bulloch County has set up free Wi-Fi locations for community use!

**Community Wi-Fi Spots**


  • Music Curriculum

    • -visit

      • -enter username: pes2020 

        -enter password: panthers

        -Be sure to select the version "without flash player"

  • Read a book.  (Finished your AR book? No problem, check out the SORA App!)

    • Select "Bulloch County School District"

    • Sign in using bullochschools org credentials. 

  • Go for a nature walk.

  • Lets do some ART!

  • Here is a great link to Virtual Field Trips for parents to show their children.

  • Link to a lot of enrichment resources for Gifted

  • Make cookies or brownies.  Baking is always fun!

  • Grades K-5: HaveFunTeaching 

  • Review sight words- make it fun!  Make a matching game to review sight words.  Use a board game; students say the sight word and then take a turn with the game. Make a hopscotch game and write sight words in each box.  Call out a word for students to jump to.    

  • Use old Dr. Cupp readers to practice reading fluency.  Students can also use the lined pages in the back of Cupp readers to write sight word sentences or about the story they have read.  

  • If you have access to the internet:

  • You can use YouTube to search fit and fluency videos (letter and number recognition, sight words, rhyming) and  search Jack Hartman videos (counting, letter and number recognition, rhyming, word families, addition).

  • Speech therapy home activities-

  • Raz-Kids 

    • Go to student login- students who see B. Mallard at school have access. Teacher username: bmallard35. Students know their passwords. (I have 7 open slots if anyone who isn’t already my student is interested- first come, first serve)

  • ABC Mouse (Preschool - 2nd Grade) free accounts using the code SCHOOL7771

  • Adventure Academy (3rd - 8th Grade)  free accounts using the code SCHOOL7771

  • Reading IQ (Preschool - 8th Grade)  free accounts using the code SCHOOL7771

  • ReadWorks  (Grade 3-5)

  • Common Lit (Grade 3-5)

  • NEWSELA  (Grade 3-5)

  • ILearn Math 

  • Check out Games To Make from KellysKindergarten website to create and edit games with sight words or numbers for children to reinforce skills they have been working on.

  • Free educational websites for different grade level


3rd Grade Math  

I suggest students select a program to work within daily for 1 hour and 15 minutes (the time period they normally have for math each day). I will check lessons students are working on, but PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THESE ARE NOT MANDATORY ASSIGNMENTS, THEY ARE JUST AN ATTEMPT TO KEEP US ON TRACK.

  • I have assigned lessons in Splash Learn (Math). When logging in please select the class icon. Students should use the class code for the block they take math. Students have individual passwords. Please send a Remind text if students need their password. Once students have their passwords please write them down.

    • 1st Block Code: VBQOOX 

    •  2nd Block Code: MDTFVH 

    • 3rd Block Code: DHZUDJ

  • I have assigned lessons in iLearn. Students may scroll down to the bottom of their main page to find assigned lessons. Once lessons are complete students may work in their individual lesson path by selecting the blue start button.  Students should know their login information. 

  • Students may work on assigned lessons in Study Island

  • Students may work in their iReady lessons. I suggest working in the program at least 45 minutes a week. 

Multiplication Fluency practice 



4th Grade Math - 

  • Practice math facts (make or use flash cards, write out your facts on paper, or any other way that works best for you)
  • Prodigy  Class code is 833701

  • I have created assignments in Study Island if you want to use them to practice (they are not for a grade)

  • Khan Academy has good resources 

  • iLearn  Go to Start button and follow your path

  • iReady Follow your path here as well

  • Make up your own problems and practice with a family member or friend.

*** Remember to keep up good practices and use scratch paper!!!

5th Grade Math - 

  • All websites listed below can be accessed through your child’s Google Classroom as well as here
    • ***Fasttmath each day for multiplication and division fact fluency
    • *** Assignments have been made on Iready, Ilearn, and Study Island - Students have a list of these in their binders named February and March homeroom lists.  They are to record grades but they will not go into the gradebook. The purpose for the recording is self monitoring.
    • Study Island
    • iLearn (Blue start!)
    • iReady ('Next Lessons')
  • Study Island
    •      ****This site can provide videos and practice 
  • 5th grade math has practice links in your Cowart Google Classroom for specific practice
  • ***Khan academy has great math videos that can assist parents and students as well. Just search topics and watch the videos 

5th Grade Science/Social Studies

  • If you have internet access:

    • I placed assignments (not for grades but for practice) in Google Classroom Science and Social Studies due to the fact that most students do not have the materials they need with them.

    • I have assigned “World War II Practice” and “The Cold War” PRACTICE on Study Island - remember to use the “Explanation” and “Lesson” portions to help.

    • Cells and Microorganisms is also in Study Island. 

    • I will occasionally add more Study Island for practice.


  • You can utilize your Science Vocabulary Folder for the vocabulary and cell work that we have been working on.

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